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About xine

free, fast, portable and reusable

xine is a free (gpl-licensed) high-performance, portable and reusable multimedia playback engine. xine itself is a shared library with an easy to use, yet powerful API which is used by many applications for smooth video playback and video processing purposes.
Read more about xine's features on the xine features page.


xine tries to be as portable as possible. Supported platforms include:
  • GNU/Linux (x86, alpha, sparc, ppc, ...)
  • FreeBSD (x86)
  • Solaris (sparc and x86)
  • Irix (mips)
  • Darwin/MacOS X (ppc) via the fink project
Support for the following platforms is in progress (help is always appreciated):
  • MS Windows (partially working and committed to CVS)
  • HPUX (patches received)
  • OpenBSD (patches received)
  • OS/2 (external site)
Many different video output plugins ("drivers") exist. If you're using X11, the use of the Xv extension (XFree 4.x, X.Org) is highly recommended. Xv makes use of some capabilities of video cards (most notably colorspace conversion and scaling) for faster and smoother playback.
Audio output is supported on OSS, Alsa, artsd, esd (not recommended) and IRIXAL (irix/mips only), Sun audio.


The xine engine has very few dependencies. zlib is the only library required to compile xine-lib (however, for full functionality, additional libraries, e.g. libX11, libvorbis, libogg, libtheora, ... should be installed). The build system is a standard automake/autoconf/libtool build environment, so to compile releases only GNU make and gcc (preferably the latest release) are required.
Front ends may need additional libraries, e.g. xine-ui needs libpng and optionally aalib, gxine needs GTK+ 2.0.
For all libraries complete installations are needed, including headers. If you install them from RPMs/DEBs or similar distribution-provided packages, be sure you install the developer packages as well.

contact / support

xine-user is the mailing list for open discussions about xine. Anyone interested in xine is welcome to subscribe to this list. If you have a questions or comments about xine, feel free to post them there :-)
You can also check out #xine on

external xine resources

The following external web sites provide xine plugins and extensions as well as binary packages:
DVD tools and plugins including menu support (dvdnav).
Please Note: the dvdnav plugin has been merged into the xine-lib tree, so for normal users it is no longer necessary to install any external DVD plugins. However, for encrypted DVD playback libdvdcss is needed.
xine RPMs (including dvdnav RPMs)
xine RPMs for RedHat 7.2 and 7.3 (using d5d plugin)
daily xine RPMs (RH7.x, win32 codecs RPM)
xine RPMs (Suse 7.3, i686 and ppc)
resources for xine and DXR3
regionset utility
precompiled Solaris/SPARC binaries
gtk+ frontend to xine
xine aRts plugin
KDE frontend to xine
xine for OS/2 sources and binaries
Disclaimer: These links are provided for your information only. The xine project team has no control over these sites and denies any responsibility for their contents.

used software

xine uses software from the following free software projects:
...without these great pieces of software xine would of course not be where it is now.
Also many thanks to the guys from ogle project who have provided kind support in developing all the interface needed for navigation and subtitle support.


This is a very incomplete list of developers. A complete list of authors is also available. The names in brackets are SourceForge user names, just in case you need to contact one of the developers directly. If you have any questions related to xine, you should probably write to the xine-user mailing list or another one of our mailing lists.
  • Project Leaders

    Miguel Freitas (miguelfreitas)
    Many bug and deadlock fixes, bitrate detection, soft deinterlacer, massive libwin32 updates, knows the whole xine engine
    Michael Roitzsch (mroi)
    DXR3, many bufixes and improvements, post plugin architecture, knows the whole xine engine
    Mike Melanson
    Expert for exotic media formats, demuxer developement
    Thibaut Mattern
    Network streaming expert
  • Project and Release Administrator

    Siegfried Langauf (siggi)
    Project administration, QA, debian packages, homepage, occasional hacking
  • Developers and other important people

    Günter Bartsch (guenter/gooofy)
    Project founder
    Daniel Caujolle-Bert (f1rmb)
    Build/auto* process, alsa plugin, gui programming
    Juergen Keil (jkeil)
    solaris port and lots of bugfixes
    Heiko Schaefer (heikos)
    FreeBSD support, Testing
    James Courtier-Dutton
    DVD navigation
    Thomas Hoppe (thomas_h)
    Initial design of new homepage
    Rich Wareham
    DVD navigation library and initial plugin
    Rocky Bernstein
    Plugin for enhanced VCD/SVCD capabilities (vcdx)
    Stefan Holst
    Network streaming, frontend developement
    Stephen Torri (storri)
    Build system, portability
Feedback and any kind of help offered is greatly appreciated.