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the xine project is looking for sponsors!

individual users

You are a big fan of xine, and want to sponsor us? Very nice idea! Although you can't sponsor the xine project as a whole (xine isn't a company, there is no real boss so there's no one to decide whom to give the things or the money you donate), you can sponsor individual developers. Below you find a list of wishes from xine developers, for details on how to get things delivered to them please contact them via email. Your donation will be appreciated and you'll be listed on this page in reward.


You are a company and want to develop a product (e.g. a set-top box, a multimedia PDA, a POS terminal, a digital video recorder, ...) based on xine? You are a GNU/Linux distributor and your customers love xine so you want to help this project or share some of the money you made by including xine in your distribution? If so, you have two possibilites: sponsor some xine developers, or hire them:
If you want to sponsor xine developers (with money, with hardware...) please contact them using their email addresses below. Your company will then be listed on this page, possibly including a small banner ad and link to your website, depending on what you would like to see and how much you want to give.
If you need certain features for your product, or want to have xine customized for your needs or for your platform, you can hire one or more developers of the xine team. Please post on the xine-devel mailing list a short description of your project and the tasks you want to have done by a xine developer. Developers who are interested in working for you will then contact you directly.

xine developers' wishlist

Günter Bartsch
project founder
  • a notebook (I'm happy with an older one, but the batteries should be working) :)
  • DVDs of course
  • or how about spending some $$ to support xine developement ... or anything? ;>
donations so far:
  • My first sponsor! Damien Sainmont donated a Shrek DVD :-)
  • Ann Seung has donated some EUR :-)
  • wow: Ronny Buchman donated a HP c110 - cool machine ... let's see if I can get xine to compile & run on HP-UX :-)
  • Reservoir Dogs DVD, donated by Igor Orlovich :-)
  • older donations: C-Media donated two development sound cards (this is why their chips and drivers are among the best supported with xine)
  • older donations: Michael Mertins donated SVCDs for testing - thanks again :-)
  • Andreas Hoffman has donated some EUR! - thank you, thank you! :-)
  • Andrew Stevens has donated some DM - so cool :-)
  • ...a dream come true: Robert Nguyen has donated a VIA C3 processor and a mainboard so I can now work on xine in a noiseless environment. Cool processing indeed :-)
  • hey - finally I have Xv on the noiseless terminal, thanks to Andrew Stevens who donated two AGP graphic cards (a G400 and a Riva TNT) :)
  • Jacob Young has donated a Final Fantasy DVD. Absolutely cool! :-)
  • Two DVDs have arrived from Peter P. Toth: Pearl Harbor and The Rock. That's soo cool, I _love_ those movies :)
  • wow, today some EUR from Willi Kappler appeared on my bank account - thanks! :)
  • my first region-2 dvd without a german soundtrack: Gustavo Homem donated a Hannibal DVD - very nice :)
  • good things need time: a Win-TV Nova card, donated by Jan Rychter has arrived! finally I have an endless source of DVB/TS streams :)
  • Peter P. Toth has donated two DVDs for xmas (Star Wars Episode II and Spider-Man) thank you! :-)
  • Alexanger Lange has donated 10 EUR - very nice :-)

Miguel Freitas
many bug and deadlock fixes, soft deinterlacer, massive libwin32 updates
  • DVDs for my collection, I don't have many.
  • I would also appreciate very much.
  • One these amazing PDA with StrongARM processor like iPAQ
donations so far:
  • Jacob Young sent me an Akira - special edition DVD!
  • Peter Toth from Nokia donated an Unforgiven DVD, excelent movie! :)
  • Bruce Miller has donated an EPIA-M10000 mainboard, thank you! I may now test MPEG2 hardware decoding!
  • Hans donated me $500 (!). Thank you very much! $65 goes to and the rest will be used to replace my broken 21-inch monitor.
  • Ewald Kicker on behalf of the Online Literature Library donated me $30. Thank you!
  • Jan Balsle donated $250. I don't want to be the only one receiving donations here, so I used a non-scientific and non-determinist algorithm to pick the last 5 developers on that made "big" commits to xine's cvs to forward them $50 each. The happy winners are Hans-Dieter Kosch, Darren Salt, Diego 'Flameeyes' Pettenò, Frantisek Dvorak and Claudio Ciccani. Thank you all!

Michel Lespinasse
libmpeg2, liba52
  • An i810 or any other graphics card with XvMC support so I can experiment with hardware accelerated decoding.
  • Or something :) I dont really expect much from the $$$ side though.
donations so far:
  • Tonko de Rooy donated two PAL DVDs
  • publist donated a ABIT BP6 board with two celeron 366's

Rich Wareham
subtitles, dvd navigation
  • A selection of DVDs from the major DVD makers, Warner Bros, Fox, BBC, etc. Precise choice up to benefactor but a mixture of old + new would be good. Note, I don't necessarily want DVDs that I'd enjoy since I'd spend more time watching them than coding!
donations so far:
  • David Pye has very kindly donated me a Dxr3-based card - thanks a lot!

James Courtier-Dutton
DVD support (Menus etc. libdvdnav), audio output, subtitles
  • I need a copy of "The Deer Hunter" Region 1 (USA version) in order to fix a dvdnav issue. (The Deer Hunter totally fails to play in xine.) Also, a copy of "Moulin Rouge" also produces the same problems.
  • A sound card which can record SPDIF without modifying it. So I can record AC3 and DTS SPDIF inputs.
  • External SPDIF decoder which can handle DTS.
  • Also, any DVDs which users are currently having problems playing on xine.
donations so far:
  • Two people have donated DXR3 cards: Matthew Wilson from USA. Torgeir Veimo from Germany.
  • Scott Bigham has kindly donated a "Akira - The Special Edition" DVD.
  • Reinout van Schouwen donated a "Bjork - Hidden Place" DVD.
  • Marek Kassur (Poland) has sent me the "The Terminator" DVD.
  • I received 2 DVDs from Paul Eggleton, New Zealand: "Terminator 2 - - Judgement Day" and "The Abyss - Special Edition". Thank you very much for this kind gift. :-)
  • Rett D. Walters from Topeka, Kansas (USA) has kindly donated a WinTV-PVR-250 card.
  • Kenneth Tindle <> from Lexington, KY, (USA) has kindly donated the DVD "Minority Report" (Region 1) so that I can hopefully fix a long standing problem with playing certain DVDs.
  • Mark Cooke donated a DVD with a sector read error. I will now be able to start work on getting libdvdnav and xine playing DVDs that have sector read errors. If libdvdnav finds a sector read error on the DVD, it should just skip a small section of the DVD and continue playing, but currently, it just stops playing entirely.

Matthias Hopf
IRIX port, TV output
  • Anime DVDs (japanese audio + english subtitles appreciated)
donations so far:
  • Raphael Hürzeler has very kindly donated me two Anime DVDs, Ghost in the Shell, and Buttobi CPU. Thanks a lot! Ghost in the Shell will be of major concern due to its audio lag. (Update: The audio lag has been confirmed to be a mastering error.
  • Matt Jarvis at Rolec Music from the UK has sent me a Penta DVB-S card and a cool Epia M1000. This is great stuff, thank you very much!
Heiko Schäfer
occasional rants on the mailing lists, nagging other developers, every once in a while trying to get xine running on FreeBSD
wishlist: donations so far:
  • Many thanks to Raphael Hürzeler for donating a Moulin Rouge dvd which now found its way into my collection.

Daniel Caujolle-Bert
bug and build fixes, main xine-ui programming
  • DVDs for my collection.
  • an Epia motherboard.
  • Memory for my HP NetServer (naboo).
donations so far:
  • Many thanks to Mark McCallister who sent me a nice test stream on a DVDr.
  • Peter Dobratz sent me a DXR3 card, many many thanks Peter!
Michael Roitzsch
several dxr3 fixes, massive engine contributions, multistream and post plugin architecture, DVD navigation
wishlist: donations so far:
  • My first donation! Peter Toth from Nokia gave me two DVDs: "Roger & me" and "X-Men 2". Very cool!
  • Mark Wilkinson donated two DVDs: "Storytelling" and "The Work of Director Chris Cunningham". Thanks a lot!
  • The company "Yahouse", which employs Jerome Poichet and produces a xine-based media jukebox has donated two DVDs: "Spider-Man 2" and "Fahrenheit 9/11". Thanks to Jerome and Yahouse!
Robin KAY
Solaris port improvements and bugfixes, pgx64 and pgx32 video output plugins
  • FFB2+ framebuffer and/or a machine with a UPA bus to put it in (>200Mhz) [in order to port Ogle's hardware accelerated YUV transform].
donations so far:
  • Jake Goerzon donated a Sun XVR-100 framebuffer.
Stephen Torri
Build fixes and upgrades, and releases
  • (Generous giver) I am in sore need of a new machine. Talk to me about what parts I have not purchases yet.
  • (Regular giver): DVDs - LOTR - Fellowship of the Ring, Return of the King (Extended Version)