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Developer's Corner

Welcome to the xine Developer's Corner page.

This page is intended to be a directory of everything to do with xine development. If you're looking for information about creating new software using xine library or adding multimedia capabilities to your existing application, check out our language bindings and sample code pages.
If you're looking for working on xine library to add new features or fix or improve the existing multimedia capabilities, we suggest that you start reading the xine Hacker's Guide. Also consider subscribing to xine-devel mailing list to discuss your ideas.

Developer's FAQ

Q: How do I make a debug build of xine?
A: Start with a clean build (if in doubt, use 'make clean'). Then do 'make debug' and 'make install-debug'. This procedure is valid for xine-lib, xine-ui and gxine.
Q: How do I run xine in gdb?
A: First make sure you have a debug build. You can either run xine from gdb or attach to an already-running process:
  • Running xine from gdb:
    $ gdb xine
    (gdb) handle SIG32 noprint nostop
    (gdb) run
  • Attaching to a running xine process:
    $ gdb xine `pidof xine`
Q: How do I run xine in valgrind?
A: Just as for running xine under gdb (above), you will need debug builds of both xine and xine-lib for this to be useful.
  • Disabling acceleration
    $ export XINE_NO_ACCEL=1
    $ valgrind --tool=memcheck xine
    You can substitute memcheck with other valgrind skins, see the Valgrind documentation for details.